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Tai Lopez started his first farm business when he was 19 years old. When he later became an entrepreneur, he started buying farmland across the United States to secure a steady supply of food for himself, family, and friends.

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Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez

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He was shocked to find out that some meat sold in the United States is processed in China or other countries overseas…

And that the USDA isn’t required, by law, to disclose where the meat is processed.

Tai wanted meat that wasn’t from a factory, was free of pesticides and hormones, was from animals that were 100% raised on United States farmland, and was also of a higher quality than what you can find in grocery stores today.


becomes a reality

He created FarmersCart as a secure and reliable source of grass-fed meat and pasture-raised chicken from farms across the United States.

FarmersCart now sources meat from farms in Virginia, and across the country, to bring people only the best cuts of meat delivered straight to their door.

All of the farms we work with follow our “3 Commandments”:

  • Commandment 1: Meat Must Be 100% Raised and Processed in the United States
  • Commandment 2: Absolutely NO Factory Farming Practices
  • Commandment 3: No Pesticides, Hormones, or Antibiotics Used

If you’re looking for food security and the only the highest quality meat for you and your family, make sure to shop FarmersCart regularly.

We bring you everything from chicken breast and ground beef, to ribeye and filet mignon from farms across America, straight to your door.

You can even buy bundle boxes for a variety of choice meat cuts shipped to your door. And, we’ve started shipping out our grass-fed, grass-finished beef sticks in bulk.

Thanks again for visiting FarmersCart. Check back often for sales and specials on your favorite meat products.

ButcherBox Team

The FarmersCart Team.

ButcherBox Team