I’m reading an interesting book right now about the American Midwest and Southwest, and it says that there used to be so many wild horses it would take days for them to pass through a town.

Unfortunately, the wild horses are gone, but I’ve got a few horses here and 9 more on my other farm. They’d probably take longer to pass through my farm, because they’re so happy they don’t ever want to leave. 

They live on lots of grass and they’re having the time of their lives. Horses don’t chew on their cud, like cattle, they get most of their food from forage--but can be supplemented with grain. And the bigger horses I have here--keto people cover your ears--need that carby grass. And we have plenty of that here. 

Don’t believe me? Ask our horses: Tom, Duke, Peaches, and Promise.

All the horses here are geldings, i.e. castrated males….but they’re still having a ball.

There are 2 types of horses here at the farm:

We’ve got the big Belgians. These guys are huge...2200 lb. work horses. But they’re hardly working now. These guys are gentle giants. Typically the bigger the horse, the more tame they are...and these dudes are calm.  

We’ve also got Norwegian Fjords from, duh, Norway, who are great workers too. They’re smaller compared to the Belgians and a little more stubborn, but they’re very tame and better for riding. They’re safe for a family with little kids...especially because kids think they look like a zebra.

Anyway, the horses wanted to say “haaaaaaaay”, but we’ve all got work to do. 

So Long,