Mary’s not the only one that has a little lamb...we’re thrilled to welcome two new additions to our farm!

As I was doing my daily rounds in the Raptor today (by the way the Raptor is a great truck for both the road and the farm), I noticed a visitor hanging out with one of my sheep that I didn’t recognize. 

Don’t worry, it wasn’t a prison escapee, but the guest was definitely “on the lamb”. As I approached, I realized that my sheep had given birth to a baby sheep. And then, as I got even closer, I realized that there was an extra head popping out...that’s right, she had given birth to twins!

We’re pumped anytime we see new life on the farm. And I’m not sheepish to tell you, that they’re going to have a good life with us. They’ll have plenty of room to roam and graze...once they get the hang of their legs. 

But I can’t hang, I’ve got to get baaaaaaa-ck to work.

So Long,