This is a tough time for everyone, but we’re still hiring. The only problem? Our latest hire won’t stop chasing the mail carrier.


Meet our brand new Boxer puppy, 2 month old Rocky...Get it? Rocky the Boxer…

He’s not a southpaw, but a four paw….and he’s already got some huge ones, so you know he’s going to be a big boy.


That would normally help him fight his enemies--no not Ivan Drago, Boxers were originally bred to fight bears and boars. But we don’t get too many bears around here and we don’t get any boars, so unfortunately the mail carrier will get the brunt of his ferocious licks and barks for now.


One of the best things about Boxers is that they are extremely loyal, so I expect Rocky to be glued to my side while I do my rounds on the farm. Which reminds me, I’ve got work to do.


So Long,