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Why Our Pigs Socially Distance

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Why Our Pigs Socially Distance


How are you holding up? We humans aren't the only ones dealing with a worldwide pandemic...a deadly virus is also affecting pigs worldwide. That's right, African Swine Fever (ASF) is an incurable virus that's wiped out hog herds throughout Asia and caused their pork prices to a skyrocket.

Basically, this disease is nothing to oink at. In fact, it's already wrecked the world's largest pork producer, Hong-Kong based WH Group. According to Bloomberg, "China's pork production fell 29% in the first three months of 2020; the swine disease has slashed the size of the country's hog herd.”

So should you be worried about ASF spreading to the US?

Well here at FarmersCart, we only source pork from farms that take precautions to minimize those kinds of risks . The problem with the Chinese farms is that they raise their hogs in these very unsanitary confinement houses, where the pigs are all bunched in...but we do things a little different around here.

We treat our pigs like royalty. All our pigs are raised in large outdoor pastures. And when things get a little chillier, we move them into deep bedding where they aren't overcrowded or highly confined. In other words, we make sure our pigs are socially you can feel confident pigging out on our pork.

That's all folks!

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