You know what you like to eat, but have you ever thought about what your food likes to eat?


Well the truth is that plants have a refined palette--they like rocks and dirt. 


But not just any rocks and dirt. We make sure they have a buffet of proper nutrients (aka we increase their nutrient load and density). 


Today we have a nice menu of organic fertilizer specials: we’re spreading and topdressing with some turkey litter, a little bit of kelp, aragonite for calcium, and Azomite for trace minerals. 

Azomite is basically a combination of volcanic ash and underwater sea minerals--and it has all kinds of organic value that regular farms (unfortunately) aren’t using.


I visited Southern Chile, which has the most fertile soil in the entire world...and the reason is that the soil is full of volcanic ash. 


We want to make sure that the food you eat is properly fertilized and has a high nutrient density. 


So, bon appetit...let’s get these plants some food. 


But all this food talk has me hungry...think I’ll fix me some food. 


So Long,