Ta-baaaaaaaaa-le for 40…


Today, me and my farmhand Shane had lunch in a pasture with some of our favorite picky eaters...the sheep.


Our sheep eat one thing and one thing only: grass….and they love it.


They don’t get grain. They don’t get growth hormone. They just get full off the native forage that grows.


And they’re happy living off grass, because they have a rumen--which is an organ that breaks down plant cellulose into protein.

Our grass is happy too, because we rotationally graze our sheep (and the rest of our ruminant animals)...basically that means we systematically move our sheep through 1-2 acre areas of grass and then we move them on to the next patch...so the grass gets to rest for a while.


This mimics what you see in the natural grazing cycle and allows the grass to build fertility and grab more carbon out of the atmosphere


Then we let the sheep get right back to gnawing it. 


Unfortunately, I don’t get a long rest period...I gotta go gnaw on the rest of my to-do list.


So Long,