Today on the farm, we horsed around. 


I visited the 4 horses we have here just to say “haaaaaaaay”.


How rude of me...let me introduce you. 


We have Duke, Tom, Peaches, and Promise. And I promise you that they’re full of personality and sweet like peaches. 


Peaches and Promises are Fjords. They’re like Danny Devito--short and stocky, but very powerful. They’re really calm and they help out by pulling our small farm equipment 

Duke and Tom on the other hand are big boys. They’re draft horses...which are kind of like the bodybuilders of the farm. They pull the big farm equipment.


But, small or big, they need to eat. See, unlike cows or sheep, horses don’t have a they need a little more than grass for a balanced diet. That’s why we supplement them with grain.


And humans, both big and small, also need to I’m gonna go grab lunch. And I don’t think grass or grain is on the menu. 


So Long,