Moving day can be stressful, but not for our cows.


See a lot of ranchers have to use 4 wheelers, and even helicopters, to round up their cattle, but not us...this is ranching, not the military.


No, the only thing we need is a hearty voice and the right words.


All my farmhand, Shane, has to do is give them the call and they come running for (literally) greener pastures.


I’m not exactly sure what he’s saying, but it sounds like “Caca Weeeee”...which roughly translates to “c’mon cow.”

After a few “c’mon cows”, they heeded their dinner bell and came down the hill.


See we have a low stress method here--we don’t rush them or scare them.


We set up a wire (aka a bluff) and it guides them through the gate to their new pasture. Our bull volunteered to go first to show everyone it’s ok, but they already knew. 


We have a low stress method here and they actually want to come to us--as opposed to having to herd them and scare them to where we want to go.


Low stress, plenty of minerals, and lots of grass, that’s our least for the cows, I’ve got a lot more on my plate today.


So Long,