A couple hundred years ago, buck teeth were in vogue, because there were lots of beavers. And those beavers would naturally make dams. 

But humans killed off most of the beavers, so now that responsibility falls on me. 

Dams are important. Dammed up ponds, like the one we have on our farm, provide a lot of access for wildlife. That’s because most species do best with the “edge effect”--where the trees, grass, and water come together, aka the edge, is where wildlife thrives...not deep in the woods.

You want more than woods for habitats. You want biodiversity. You want it all: ponds, creeks, pastures, shrubs, trees, etc. It’s beneficial to the world and to wildlife. 



I saw a couple of wild mallards in the pond today and some racoon and opossum paw prints by the edge of the water...they probably came here to drink. 

And that’s why I built the pond. The water is really clean. It’s spring fed from the beautiful Allegheny mountains. There’s hundreds of thousands of acres of national park around us. 

And the water is green. That means it’s clear and healthy. When it’s brown, that’s when you have a problem. 

But I get no complaints from my wildlife tenants. In fact, I think I might reward them by planting some bamboo smack in the middle of the pond.

So Long,