It's Mother’s Day today, but lately, for me, every day is Mother’s Day...because I’ve got my mom quarantining with me. Luckily, I don’t have to remember to get her a present, because I’ve already gotten her one--her very own garden. 


And a garden is the gift that keeps on giving. We’ve got a couple bigger gardens on the farm that are a few acres, but this is her garden. She’s growing her own potatoes and peas and a bunch of other tasty veggies...and it’s all organic.

(Check out her garden here )

See, you don’t need much to grow your own food. All you need is a tiny backyard, or even a balcony. And In the modern world, it’s worth it. You know what’s going on out there, so you don’t want to rely on buying all of your food. Now you can still buy some (or most) of your food, but it’s helpful to be able to grow your own and know where it’s coming from (and when). 


Now cooking the food is another story….


But now that I’ve planted this seed in your mind, I’ve got to get back to work.


So Long,