When you’re cooking, you can’t just throw all the ingredients in the oven and hope for the best.

And the same goes for farming...you’ve got to prepare the soil. We call that tillage.

Civilization depends on it. Without rain and 6 inches of good topsoil, we wouldn’t survive.

I used the small tractor to till the soil for some potatoes earlier and now we’re breaking out the big John Deere with the disc harrow so we can do some disking. 



Disking is basically breaking up the soil so it’s easier to manage...it also improves its quality (aka the colloidal structure).

I’m preparing to plant some organic soybeans in the disked soil. The dirt is nice and dark...that’s how you know it’s good and fertile--but it still needs to be disked a bit more. 

If you take dirt and drop it from belly button height, it should break. The quality of this soil is pretty good so there’s a lot more forgiveness...meaning it’s harder to mess up.

But enough disking around for now. 

So Long,