Love is in bloom.

But it’s not the only thing in bloom…I checked in on our flowers this morning and they are going wild right now.

No, it’s not because they’re on spring break, it’s because the native pollinators are going absolutely crazy.

Anytime I walk through the flowers lately, there’s a buzz...that’s right, all the different types of bees and flies are putting in work pollinating those flowers.

And that’s not all they’re polinating...they’re also doing their thing on all the other crops that we grow here.

That’s why the native pollinators might just be the most important workers that we have here on the farm.

So if you want to grow crops, make sure you dedicate some time to support them with a diversity of flowers—after all, they don’t need medical benefits or a 401K or anything...just flowers.

But what they don’t take care of, I need I’m gonna go buzz off now.

So Long,