Extreme Makeover: Farm Edition


Are you ready for a farm update? The rooster crows early here, so we hit the dirt and got to work while most of you were still in PJs--which for a lot of people is an all-day affair now...and there’s nothing wrong with that. .

When I purchased this farm, it was not farmed organically--so we’re trying to rejuvenate it (i.e., make it organic) through processes like crop rotation and organic composting. And It’s taking some time, because we have to fix things that have been broken for a while. 

Speaking of things that have been broken for a while...our old horse-drawn cultimulcher couldn’t handle our tractor’s speed and broke off, so we had to purchase a new one that could handle our need for speed. If you’re wondering, a cultimulcher crushes lumps of soil and levels the field for easier planting. 

And today we’re planting organic wheat and oats. Even after using the cultimulcher, the surface was still a little bit rough...but that’s not as important for planting oats. What is important is not using herbicides. That’s why we’ve been installing drip lines and laying old-fashioned black plastic. Drip lines warm the soil and kill weeds without having to use any nasty chemicals.

But, right now, all I’m doing is killing time, so let me get back to planting. “Till” next time…

So Long,