Today, we’re getting ready to move our cows.


Just like you, our cows get bored of eating at the same restaurant every day (remember restaurants?) we move them around and let them dine on new dishes.


Our cows exclusively eat al fresco...or rather al frescow.

Once they’re done grazing one pasture, we move them to another. And, currently, all that’s left of their field is some really mature and woody stemmy stuff, so it’s time to pack up and go.


Some ranchers will let their cows graze down the field even further, but not us--we have a lot of grass compared to the number of cows we have, so we call in the bus boys before our cows have to eat any undesirable leftovers.


No, we want our cows to eat the good stuff: the legumes, the clover, the timothy, the orchard grass. That’s what makes them gain weight really fast (but don’t say that to them).


Once they’re done polishing off that stuff, we move them. Then we cut down the stemmy stuff that they don’t like and expose the grass underneath to the sun so we can get this life cycle going once again.


I also have to get going once again. We have a lot of moving to do today and I haven’t even had anything to eat myself.


So Long,