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All my friends are cows

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You ever sit down for lunch and you’re swarmed by your dog, kid, or significant other looking for a bite?


Well, that’s how I felt today--except, in my case, it was about a dozen cows...and they weren’t into social distancing.


After an early morning of hard work, all I wanted to do was have my lunch in peace...but our cows just wanted a piece of my attention.


The reason our cows are so clingy is that they’re used to us.


See with most cows, if you get too close to them, they get scared and run off to moo elsewhere--but not our cows.


Our cows know us. We’re always out here checking on them and giving them grass, so they want to hang out with us.


The way we manage our cows is more intensive--in other words, we're with them more...and in turn, they’re less stressed out and want to be around us.


It’s just like having human friends, except there’s more sniffing involved.


And while our cows may not be freaking out, I’m freaking out at how much work we have left to do today.


So Long,