You ever wonder why tomatoes are red?


It’s because they love the heat. See, that’s not their skin, that’s a suntan. 


Today, I’m out in the hoop house, which is basically an arched structure with plastic draped over it...and that plastic allows us to turn up the heat on the produce growing inside.


We’re growing tomatoes and peppers right now...and, like Marilyn Monroe, they like it hot.


How hot? In the middle of the day we can get the temperature up to 110 degrees in here.


And that means peak production...we’ve currently got more tomatoes than the Olive Garden headquarters.

We’ll sell most of them to a CSA (community-supported agriculture) in Northern Virginia, but the rest I’m canning for my pantry.


That doesn’t mean putting them in a can--no, I’ll boil them, peel the skin off, mash ‘em, put them in a mason jar, and then boil the mason jar...and, voila, they’ll last up to 5 years.


It’s really amazing to open a fresh jar of tomatoes when there’s snow on the ground.


So if you don’t have plans in 5 years, come on over for dinner. I’ll make some spaghetti and meatballs.


But I don’t have 5 years to get my work done...heck, I’ll be lucky if I have 5 hours.


So Long,